Thank you for your interest in our Sculling Camp

We thank you for your interest in Rojabo Sculling Camp, it will be really great if you can join us.

You can already reserve a place at the camp and select one of the two periods, either 19th – 22th April or 22th – 25th April – just send us a message at

If you already know that you will join us, then you should take your time to:

  1. write us a bit about your own rowing history
  2. what kind of regatta’s and boat types have you rowed
  3. how long have you been rowing for.

You need to be able to maneuver a single scull with a certain level of confidence to be able to get the most out of our sculling camp. It’s not for total beginners, we don’t teach basics here.

We look forward to seeing you in Portugal.

See you in Aviz