Practical Information

Practical Information

Please read this email in its entirety for important practical information.


Please join the WhatsApp group that we have shared the link to via email. This group will serve as our primary communication channel before and during the camp.

We will use the WhatsApp group to send you daily updates and any changes to the program. It will also allow us to call each other if necessary.

Pickup times

Start of camp: Pickup from LIS Airport at 16:00, estimat arrival at the hotel at ~18:00

End of camp: Pickup from Hotel at 13:00, estimated arrival at the airport at~15:00

Shuttle Pickup Instructions

Upon arrival by plane, please note that there is only one exit from the baggage claim area (1).

After exiting, turn right and walk down the slope. On your left, you will spot a clearly marked yellow meeting point sign (2).

The driver will be waiting for you at the designated meeting point (2), holding a sign that reads “Rojabo.”

Where to find the meeting point at the airport

Weather Forecast

We recommend checking several weather apps for the latest weather forecast.

During this time of year, the daytime temperature typically in September ranges between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius – In April around 15-25 degrees Celsius. There may be occasional rain showers and moderate wind. In the afternoon, the wind occasionally picks up slightly.

For the detailed weather forecast, you can visit the following link: winguru


Please wear a rowing suit or suitable sports attire. It is important to have snug-fitting clothing on the upper body to prevent the handle from getting caught.

You can swim both in the hotel pool and in the nearby lake where we will be rowing.

You do not need to bring a towel as the hotel will provide one for you.

There will be a 5-minute walk on a dirt road to reach the boatshed. We recommend wearing either running shoes or sandals for this walk.

In the morning, it may be cool, so it is advisable to bring a long-sleeved shirt and a rain jacket for the walk to the boats. Additionally, you may need a sweater or something similar in the afternoon if we plan to sit outside, as it can get chilly.

Remember to bring a cap, sunscreen, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the strong sun. Sunburn can occur if you are not adequately protected.

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