Sculling Camp for experienced masters rowers

See you in
April 21th to 24th 2022 or
April 24th to 27th 2022 or
September 29th to October 2nd 2022

What you will be doing at the camp

3 days Sculling Camp, which gives you a great opportunity to get away, fine-tune your technique, focus on nothing but rowing while eating well and relaxing.

  • 8 coaching session
  • Coaching will be conducted in small groups of rowers of the same level and speed
  • Video daily review sessions
  • Drills and exercises
  • 1000 m head race
  • Wine tasting
  • Three meals per day
  • Racing shells only – Nelo, Hudson, Empacker, Filippi, and others

Get confidence and feel the boat going faster

Our aim is to help you get confidence in using the single sculler and find that feeling which makes your boat go faster…

When you go home from the sculling camp and continue your training, then you have a reference point on what your rowing should feel like and what to do to get it feel right.

Our Sculling Camp provides an intensive overview of the sculling technique focusing on each rowers personal challenges. That is why we are maximum 12 rowers to guarantee maximum focus on each participant.

Every participant get the measurement for the rigging of their boat and instructions how to measure it, so you can copy the good settings for you when come home.

The Schedule

At the Sculling Camp we continue with the concept of including drills and exercises for high rate rowing, changing speed, start and sprint training and the transition from high rate to cruising at race pace.

1. session – Final adjustment of boats and video

2. session – Fine tuning and video

3. session – Drills from review of video

4. session – Drills and excersizes in rowing at high rate and video

5. session – Drills, focus on changing speed at high rate.

6. session – Drills and practice controlling the transistion from high rate to cruising at race pace.

7. session – Drills and practicing starts.

8. session – Head race

Coaching is included in all sessions

What our customers say about us

It is hard for me to express how pumped I am after the Rojabo Rowing Camp.

I am convinced that I was the rower with the least balance and the worst technique. I have never been that unsteady, or slow, since my first year of rowing in 2007.
I almost think I should give up rowing.

But, three days after camp, my mind is still racing with rowing questions that have to be dealt with by applying new rowing thoughts. I am really grateful for the chance to be put together with a group of fellow rowers for 3 days and to come away with undefinable enthusiasm.

The setting, the equipment, the accommodation, and the food was top rate.

The coaches, Bo and Jacob, are top rate too and kept the program on track and going forward.

I could not have asked for more.

I have participated in the sculling camp from the very beginning. The sculling camp have help me to get a better understanding of the stroke and where I have to improve ind order to move the boat in most efficient  way.

The coaches do know what they are talking about, and they can show you on the water and in the classroom what they are talking about.

Besides learning how be a better rower it is also nice to spend 4 days in Avizagua in company with other rowers.

I’ve been three times to the Rojabo sculling camp in Portugal (Avis).

Jakob and his partner have a coach’s ability to quietly observe and quickly identify key areas for stroke improvement and then are able to select simple words and phrases that make sense for me as a sculler.  We have, in particular, spent time working on the catch (speed of entry, connection), and by indicating small adjustments the coaching has enabled me to make significant improvements.

Rojabo’s style is fun, but also reflective and thoughtful, and the way in which suggestions are made, and language is flexed or adapted to help the sculler really understand what’s intended, builds confidence and creates lasting “images” that are easy to remember.  As such, the impact of the coaching even over a relatively brief session is significant and lasting.

Add to this a wonderful environment, good accommodation, and good company and I would not hesitate to recommend the Rojabo experience!

Take-aways from the Camp

So you can go home and remember what to practice and what to adjust.

Personalized Single Scull Measurements

During the Sculling Camp, we fine-tune your single scull to fit you, so you are set free to work with your technique, instead of struggling with how to find the right adjustments.

It becomes much easier for you to find your confidence when you know that the boat it correctly set.

Therefore we measure your boat in every detail so you can get home and adjust your single scull.

Measures are Span, Heel depth, Gate height, Pitch, Stretcher position, Oar length and much more.

Tailored Drills to Practice at Home

What kind of drill do I need to do when I train for my self in my single?

That is a question we get often. So to help you at home, you get a list of drills to practice, that we see will help you the best.

So when you get home, you should have less doubt in what kind of drills you should practice.

Your Technical Areas to Improve

As a single scull rower, you always need to work on something to get better – if you want to of course.

During the sessions, you will be asked to try to do adjustments to how you either handle the boat or move hands, arms, drive, etc. You will also be explained during the video session, why the specific way you row makes the boat go faster or slower.

What can be very difficult, is to remember all the stuff, why we give you a list of areas to improve, so you can get home and continue to improve.

The location, Avizaqcua, Portugal

You will stay at the four star hotel Herdade da Cortesia know to may as paradise for rowers. The preferred training camp location for many national teams who want to focus on nothing but rowing and have the perfect setting for restitution and relaxation.

See more about the hotel here

Terms and Prices

8 sessions Sculling Camp 3 nights
Double room, EUR 1498,- Single room EUR 1717,-


  • Coaching
  • Accommodation
  • Shuttle bus from Lisbon airport to hotel and return.
  • Use of onsite facilities
  • Boat hire, racing shells
  • Three meals per day
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • If the travel guide is Red (Travel restrictions) between Denmark and Portugal one month before camp date, the Rojabo Sculling Camp will be canceled.
  • Up to and including the 5th day before camp begins, 100% refund of participation fee if the individual participant’s travel guide advises against travel to Portugal.
  • Cancellation from the 4th day before camp begins, 75% will be refunded if the participant has to cancel the Sculling Camp due to Covid19.
  • Please follow your country’s Ministry of foreign affairs travel restriction. The advice can change quickly, so check regularly for updates.

Travel restrictions

As long as the authorities do not advice against travelling to a specific destination, the Sculling Camp will be carried out as normal and the general rules in the cancellation policy will apply.

Required Covid-19 Vaccine / Covid-19 Test

The Rojabo Sculling Camp will only be open to those who either

  • Are vaccinated and can provide proof of vaccination
  • Can prove a PCR negative test, no more than 72 hours from the test to arrive.
  • Have completed either 14 days of quarantine or 7 days of quarantine with proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test.
  • People who had COVID-19 within the last 3 months and have recovered do not need to test or quarantine unless they develop new symptoms.


Regarding the situation of COVID19 we are in constant contact with the hotel manager about which actions are being taken to prevent infection between hotel guests.

The status at the hotel is that they look forward to welcoming you to Rojabo Sculling Camp.

Currently, the hotel manager is only allowing different national teams in rowing to stay at the hotel. No regular guests are allowed from now on.

General info

We follow the recommendations given by the National Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your own country, the National Board of Health and WHO.

Guests are advised to check travel advice from the National Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the country they are travelling to. Should the travelling advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs change and advise against travelling to your destination, please contact us.

Regardless of the National Foreign Ministry’s instructions, you are responsible for keeping yourself informed and up-to-date about your destination.


  • Insurance
  • Pre and post trip accommodation
  • Private expenses
  • Drinks and beverages
  • Extra boat hire
  • Extra nights
  • All other services not mentioned

We are the coaches

Bo, born 1965 got selected for the Danish national team at the age of 22 and rowed on the Danish lightweight eight for 7 years, four years as the stroke. His rowing career led to several World Championship medals, two gold, four silver, and one bronze.

In 1996 he started coaching the Danish National team and over the years he worked with various different teams, such as the LM8+, LM4x, LM2-, LM2x LM2x and W4x where his crews frequently made it to the finals at the World Championships. From 2000 to 2006 he was the Head Coach for the Danish Women’s National team and coached the LW2x and W4x to be qualified to the Olympic Games. As coach, he achieved two silver and two bronze medals at the World Championships.

For a five year period until 2017, he worked as High Performance Director for the Danish Kayak Federation guiding athletes to train following principles from the Rojabo method and the rowers continue bringing home medals.

Jakob, born 1970, has been rowing since the young age of 13 and started racing outriggers at the age of 25. Two year later in 1997, coached by Bo Vestergaard, he took home bronze at the World Championships racing the LM2-.

Jakob is also the prime motor for developing the Rojabo engine, which calculates the training programs. Today he continues to develop Rojabo besides working actively on various IT consultation projects.

Bo and Jakob started rowing together as a team in 2005. Since 2009 they have rowed the MM2x to Boston Head of the Charles and raced at the Danish National Championships.

Success together in the same boat

2006 – Gold Danish Championship LM4-

2012 – Gold FISA Masters  Mens C 2x.

2014 – Gold Nordic Masters Mens C 2x and Mens B 2x.

2016 – Gold FISA Masters Mens C 2x.

2017 – Gold FISA Masters Mens B 2x.

2019 – 2nd FISA Masters Mens C 2x (2nd fastest on the day)

2019 – 5th Head of the Charles Mens D8+


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