Dates for the next camps:

5 days camp September 24th - 29th - 2024 Closed
5 days camp April 22nd - 27th - 2025 Open
5 days camp September 23nd - 28th - 2025 Open


Dates for the next camps:

5 days camp September 24th - 29th - 2024 Closed
5 days camp April 22nd - 27th - 2025 Open
5 days camp September 23nd - 28th - 2025 Open


Dates for the next camps:

5 days camp September 24th - 29th - 2024 Closed
5 days camp April 22nd - 27th - 2025 Open
5 days camp September 23nd - 28th - 2025 Open

Take Your Skills to the Next Level!

Our personalized sculling camp is designed for experienced scullers seeking excellence in both instruction and equipment. With limited spots (max 12), you’ll work closely with our expert coaches in small groups for an optimal coaching-to-student ratio (1:6).

Our boats are rigged specifically for you, providing the highest-quality equipment for your sculling experience. You’ll receive positive feedback, relaxed but focused coaching to identify your technique weaknesses and turn them into strengths in no time.

Leave camp with improved technique, a newfound appreciation for high-quality equipment, and a full set of rigging measurements for your boat. Keep improving your sculling technique beyond camp and maximize your performance with equipment tailored to your needs.

Join us and become the best sculler you can be with our personalized coaching, high-quality equipment, and rigging measurements. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to improve your sculling and set yourself up for success both on and off the water.

What is included

5 days Sculling Camp gives you a great opportunity to really fine-tune your technique, focus on nothing but rowing while eating well and relaxing.

  • 14 coached session
  • Coaching will be conducted in small groups of rowers of the same level and speed
  • Daily video review sessions
  • Drills and exercises
  • 1000 m head race
  • Three meals per day
  • Racing shells only – Usually always Nelo, same level as Filippi and Empacher
  • Networking and relaxed evening activities

Enhancing Rowing Skills

The Sculling Camp incorporates a variety of drills and exercises to improve rowing skills, including high-rate rowing, changing speed, start and sprint training, and transitioning from high-rate to cruising at race pace. The program consists of the following sessions:

  • Final adjustment of boats and video
  • Fine-tuning and video
  • Drills based on video review
  • Drills and exercises for high-rate rowing and video
  • Drills focused on changing speed at high-rate
  • Drills and practice controlling the transition from high-rate to cruising at race pace
  • Drills and practice for effective starts
  • Head race

Coaching is provided in all sessions to help participants improve their performance and receive personalized feedback.

What our customers say about us

I wanted to send you a note of sincere thanks for the exceptional rowing camp in Avis this week.

I came to the camp wanting to improve my technique and also fix some of the mental blocks I had about being in a  single again after so many years. I believe you helped me go a long way to achieving that.  Much more work to do.

You provided such comprehensive feedback and forensic analysis that I am now very clear what I need to work on – and I have a plan to do just that.  I look forward to reviewing the video and all the notes I made as I reflected on each day.

Secondly, thank you for sharing so much of your rowing wisdom about how to make boats go faster.  I was always a huge fan of the Danish rowing approach in the lightweights and it was fantastic to spend time with the two of you who spent so much time in the program.

Jakob, I will especially thank you for the great “tech geek” chats over lunch and dinner.  You have changed the way I will look at rowing effectiveness from this point forward.   I wish you every success with your system development.

Bo, in addition to the rowing talk, I really loved seeing your beautiful photography.  Really impressive on the iPhone.  If you could send me the details of the course you took, I would really appreciate it.

Finally, I would say you created such a great atmosphere with the group and the way we all worked together and had fun really made for such an enjoyable camp.

I am already looking forward to next year’s camp! I hope to impress you by showing you that I put into practice everything you taught me.

Despite months of anticipation and excitement, this rowing camp far exceeded every expectation. Bo and Jakob have both rowed at the highest level for their country and yet they were patient, non-judgemental and encouraging with novice rowers like myself.

The boats were brand new racing shells and set up for each individual rower based on information provided before arrival, adjustments were made based on video footage after the morning sessions.

Because the group size was small (12 max.), there was a great group spirit and camaraderie – you never had to even ask to find someone willing to help you carry your boat!

The training drills were brilliant, lots of boat handling skills like river turns, racing starts and emergency stops explained and then practiced.

The hotel and food were fantastic, purpose built facility for hosting national rowing teams for training camps. State of the art gym and huge pool. And last but not least, the Portuguese weather. Warm and sunny, flat calm lake in idyllic setting.

Could not recommend this camp highly enough. Can’t wait to go back!

I feel privileged to have joined the camp in Portugal.

By some “Bo & Jakob” magic, I think I discovered what sculling is meant to feel like. I am very excited to set up my own sculling boat to the specifications you sent and see how fast I can go in it.

The coaching was subtle but effective. It was a gentle and not too prescriptive method which worked very well for me. There was not an overload of information but a more intuitive approach.

I learned more in those 3 days than I have in the last 5 years. It helped that the boat was set up exactly to fit me so there could be no blaming of the equipment and it was great to spend such an intense amount of time on the water. The venue, the food, and the company were fantastic. I shall be back.

Thank you

Very enjoyable camp and stunning venue; there’s a reason why so many national teams train here!

The camp was just the right length given the intensity. It was also well run and flexible; Bo and Jakob adapted the programme when we couldn’t go out on the main course because of high winds.

Having the possibility of using a large, well stocked gym (with a wonderful view) as a fall back or supplement to water sessions was a big plus – I got some excellent advice on exercises for lower back issues.

The coaching was technical (reflecting Bo and Jakob’s international experience), sympathetic and individual – all boats were adjusted to each sculler and video analysis helped to get across the key points.

Everyone was friendly and open (I didn’t know anyone else on the camp before going) and the group size, of around a dozen, was manageable. The hotel accommodation was of a high standard, the food was excellent and the staff helpful. Would love to go

It is hard for me to express how pumped I am after the Rojabo Rowing Camp.

I am convinced that I was the rower with the least balance and the worst technique. I have never been that unsteady, or slow, since my first year of rowing in 2007.
I almost think I should give up rowing.

But, three days after camp, my mind is still racing with rowing questions that have to be dealt with by applying new rowing thoughts. I am really grateful for the chance to be put together with a group of fellow rowers for 3 days and to come away with undefinable enthusiasm.

The setting, the equipment, the accommodation, and the food was top rate.

The coaches, Bo and Jacob, are top rate too and kept the program on track and going forward.

I could not have asked for more.

I’ve been three times to the Rojabo sculling camp in Portugal (Avis).

Jakob and his partner have a coach’s ability to quietly observe and quickly identify key areas for stroke improvement and then are able to select simple words and phrases that make sense for me as a sculler.  We have, in particular, spent time working on the catch (speed of entry, connection), and by indicating small adjustments the coaching has enabled me to make significant improvements.

Rojabo’s style is fun, but also reflective and thoughtful, and the way in which suggestions are made, and language is flexed or adapted to help the sculler really understand what’s intended, builds confidence and creates lasting “images” that are easy to remember.  As such, the impact of the coaching even over a relatively brief session is significant and lasting.

Add to this a wonderful environment, good accommodation, and good company and I would not hesitate to recommend the Rojabo experience!

Take-aways from the Sculling Camp

When you go home, you can remember what to practice and what to adjust.

Personal Measurements

At the Sculling Camp, we prioritize your technique and offer assistance in fine-tuning your single scull for optimal performance. By ensuring that your boat is well-balanced, you can fully concentrate on refining your skills and building confidence on the water.

We provide a comprehensive set of measurements that enable you to make adjustments to your single scull even after the camp ends. These measurements include Span, Heel depth, Gate height, Pitch, Stretcher position, Oar length, and much more. With this information, you will be able to continue working on your sculling technique at home with confidence.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and resources to improve your performance both during and after the camp.

Technical Areas to focus on

At our camp, we develop an individualized plan for each rower, focusing on the key elements that will enhance their performance. To facilitate learning, we use video sessions to explain concepts and demonstrate how they affect boat speed. Additionally, we row alongside you during water sessions to provide real-time feedback and ensure you fully understand the techniques we are teaching.

Upon completion of the camp, we provide you with a personalized list of areas to focus on, allowing you to continue your improvement journey beyond the camp.

Tailored Drills to Practice at Home

When training for rowing without a trainer, it is essential to maintain a consistent focus on technique and include technique drills in your daily training routine.

However, deciding on which drills to focus on can be challenging. At our camp, we provide you with a comprehensive list of drills to complete during your warm-up and cool down, which can be incorporated into your daily routine during each outing.

By incorporating these drills into your regular routine, you can continue to challenge and improve your technique, even when training independently.

The Rojabo Sculling Camp location, Aviz, Portugal

You will stay at the four star hotel Herdade da Cortesia know to may as paradise for rowers. The preferred training camp location for many national teams who want to focus on nothing but rowing and have the perfect setting for restitution and relaxation.

See more about the hotel here

Terms and Prices

5 days Camp - 14 sessions - Double room, EUR 2.451,- Single room EUR 2.797,-


  • Coaching
  • Accommodation
  • Shuttle bus from Lisbon airport to hotel and return.
  • Use of onsite facilities
  • Boat hire, racing shells
  • Three meals per day
  • Free Wi-Fi.


  • Insurance
  • Pre and post trip accommodation
  • Private expenses
  • Drinks and beverages
  • Extra boat hire
  • Extra nights
  • All other services not mentioned

Entry Level

To be eligible for entry into this camp, you must demonstrate proficiency in the following skills while using a single sculler:

  • Independent entry into the racing shell boat
  • Rowing a distance of 6 kilometers
  • Swimming a distance of 300 meters.

Cancellation Policy

Meet the Rojabo Sculling Camp coaches

Rojabo Sculling Camp Coach Bo Vestergaard

Bo, who was born in 1965, was selected for the Danish national rowing team at the age of 22. He went on to row on the Danish LM8+ for seven years, serving as the stroke for four of those years. During his rowing career, Bo won several World Championship medals, including two gold, four silver, and one bronze.

In 1996, Bo began his coaching career with the Danish National team, where he worked with a variety of teams, including LM8+, LM4x, LM2-, LM2x, and W4x. Under his guidance, his crews frequently advanced to the finals at the World Championships. From 2000 to 2006, Bo served as the Head Coach for the Danish Women’s National Team, where he coached the LW2x and W4x to qualify for the Olympic Games. As a coach, Bo achieved two silver and two bronze medals at the World Championships.

For five years, Bo served as the High-Performance Director for the Danish Kayak Federation, where he guided athletes in following the principles of the Rojabo method and helped them win medals.

Rojabo Sculling Camp coach Jakob Øjvind Nielsen

Jakob, born in 1970, discovered his passion for rowing at the young age of 13 and began racing outriggers at the age of 25. With the guidance of Bo Vestergaard, Jakob won the bronze medal at the World Championships racing the LM2- in 1997.

In addition to his impressive rowing achievements, Jakob is also a leading developer of the Rojabo engine, which calculates training programs for athletes. His dedication to enhancing athletic performance through technology has led to groundbreaking advancements in the sport.

Today, Jakob continues to advance the Rojabo engine while actively working on various IT consultation projects. He is also the head coach for a masters program at the Copenhagen Rowing Club, where he shares his expertise and passion for rowing with athletes of all levels.

Bo and Jakob started rowing together as a team in 2005. Since 2009 they have rowed the MM2x to Boston Head of the Charles and raced at the Danish National Championships.

Rojabo Coaches Bo and Jakob at Head of the Charles

Success together in the same boat

2006 – Gold Danish Championship LM4-

2012 – Gold FISA Masters  Mens C 2x.

2014 – Gold Nordic Masters Mens C 2x and Mens B 2x.

2016 – Gold FISA Masters Mens C 2x.

2017 – Gold FISA Masters Mens B 2x.

2019 – 2nd FISA Masters Mens C 2x (2nd fastest on the day)

2019 – 5th Head of the Charles Mens D8+

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