Previous Sculling Camps

Each sculling camp is unique and a big part that makes them unique is the participants who join us from all around the world. Then there is wind and weather, factors we don’t have any influence over.

Since our very first sculling camp held back in 2012 we have fine-tuned our methods of teaching and exercises to fit the participants who join us. We all have our own unique challenges we need to work on. Some are experienced rowers who have been racing for decades look to fine tune their technique while others look for boosting confidence.

When strength is a factor that starts deteriorating with age, (there is nothing we can do, it’s biology) technique is one key factor that we can always keep improving and working on. That is part of the fascination with the sport and we absolutely love discussing and debating techniques with our participants.

On this page we have gathered some highlights for inspiration from previous sculling camps. There was the one where Dave rowed into a plant and got stuck. Where Peter got over his fear of falling in the water and could finally use all the power he had in his 2 meter tall body.

Getting over your fears and building confidence at Rojabo Sculling
Group photo from Rojabo Sculling camp
Group of happy Rojabo sculling camp

Our aim is to arrange yearly sculling camps in Aviz in both Spring and Autumn.

Boost your sculling technique and confidence for your next races!

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